Disney Eats!


“Get ready screamers! Head back, face forward and hang on!” A cool rush of air envelops my face and sends my hair straight up in the air. The force pushes my stomach to the back of my seat and I feel a shot of adrenaline race through my body. A flash of park passes by me on my right and then I’m sent through a loop that flips the earth upside down. At this point I’m thinking I shouldn’t have eaten the whole bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup (or was it the whole plate of chicken tamales?).

After a long morning of collecting fast passes and roaming around Disneyland and California Adventure, my quick pace slowed and my shoulders slumped as hunger set in. My family and I headed to Pacific Wharf Cafe to grab a bite to eat. Despite the unusual January heat, I already knew what I wanted – a piping hot bowl of broccoli and cheese soup.

photo 1

My brother and I scoped out a table in the shade, hoping to capture just enough coolness to create the right element for eating our soup. The broccoli and cheddar mingled with one another in the comfort of their bread bowl. Before my plate even reached the table, their conversation tickled my nose and made my mouth water.

Some people might be turned off to the idea of broccoli and cheddar cheese soup, but the green florets dispersed throughout the rich and creamy cheese have invited me to dine with them on numerous occasions.

The soup clings onto the wall of the bread bowl, as my spoon ferries the liquid to my mouth. Soon there is little soup left except for the remnants that have soaked into the bread. But in due time, that will be gone too, as the bread tears apart and becomes the new center of the meal. By the end, pieces of torn bread are scattered across my plate and I can’t possibly bear to eat anymore or even move for that matter. But then someone remembers that we have fast passes for California Screamin. We must not let them go to waste!

The Happiest Place on Earth. A place where your dreams can come true. A place where you can eat hot soup in a bread bowl on a warm day and it still tastes good. A place where you can eat a bread bowl and not feel bad about it because you have been walking around all day. A place where bread is broken and memories created.



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