To Battle a KitchenAid and Bake a Cupcake (Kitchen Disaster)


Three. Two. One. K.O.!


And the winner is KitchenAid Mixer!

Alright so maybe it wasn’t exactly a full on boxing match, but the mixer and I were not exactly getting along. Flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda sat in a clear plastic bowl waiting to be sifted into the larger mixing bowl. I had a feeling, a sneaking suspicion, that these powdery ingredients were going to give me some difficulties when trying to combine them with their creamy counterparts.

I slowly turned the speed on the mixer up to blend the dry with the creamy. A volcano of dust erupted from the mixer and a tornado carried the tiny particles throughout the kitchen. Soft brown powder coated the mixer, laid obtrusively on the counter, and clung to the doors of the cabinets.

I regrouped, determined to make some moist chocolate chip cupcakes, and cleaned up the explosion. Adding more flour and cocoa powder to make up for the unfortunate losses, the cupcakes went on! They were mixed and individually cupped in no time.

After I slid the cupcake tins into the oven and set the timer, I went to sit down and wait for the sweet aroma to begin to fill the room.

I waited.

And I waited some more.

But while I could smell the cupcakes baking in the oven, they didn’t smell quite as heavenly as I had imagined.

The timer still had five minutes, so maybe I just wasn’t being patient. I turned on the oven light to take a quick peek at my creations and was horrified as to what laid before my eyes.

The cupcakes were black, not a smooth creamy chocolate brown, but black. I quickly opened the oven door and a burning steam coated my face and engulfed my glasses, making it impossible for me to see. I pulled the tin out of the oven and placed it on the stove top – they were burned, ruined, beyond any type of possible redemption.

Was it that I had put too much flour or baking soda after duking it out with the mixer? Did I set the temperature on the oven too high?

As I scanned the settings on the oven, I felt the pit of my stomach clench into a tight fist, I had set the oven to broil not bake. How could I make such a mistake?


I was on the verge of tears and reached for the phone to call my mom. And then it hit me. It was just a batch of cupcakes. Life goes on and, honestly, I could just make another batch and who knows, maybe this time I would trump the KitchenAid.


3 thoughts on “To Battle a KitchenAid and Bake a Cupcake (Kitchen Disaster)

  1. I really liked how you started this post. It immediately brought me right into the story. There are instances where you use fun adjectives and verbs like ‘sneaking suspicion’ and ‘clung’ and ‘regrouped.’ I also like the style of writing towards the end of this post, where you begin to ask yourself how could this have possibly gone wrong. You are able to capture the moment and feeling of one little mistake that led to this disaster really well! The pictures are a good add to the post also

  2. It’s great that you start with action and that you use such active descriptions–love that! There is a fair amount of personification that gives us the idea that there’s a you vs. the recipe sort of battle going on here. I like how you start playing with time, drawing out the period where you’re waiting for the cupcakes.

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